Lies, All Lies

I’ve been receiving a lot of hate mail lately (lie). Apparently I have quite a few devoted fans (stretching the truth) that have been disheartened by my laziness (truth) and lack of posts.
This is an interpretation of the hate mail of course, seeing as most of it is coming from
Siberia (damn lie). Obviously I don’t read Russian (lie).

Regardless, I’m back. At least for now while I’m momentarily entertained.

I recently came into the possession of this bowl of weed (lie, I’m thug, but not that thug). Actually, it’s just the mossy undergrowth of a few amaryllis bulbs I planted in a clay bowl I made myself (I’ve really outdone myself here. My mom bought it, I didn’t even take it out of the box). In honor of the holidays I thought we could all watch it grow.

Amaryllis Week One

Week One

Here’s to week one!