Choo (times two) & Wu Tang

Before I dive into a daily account of what I do each day at Studio Choo, it crossed my mind to write a bit about the people I’ve been working with.

Studio Choo was started by Alethea (pronounced uh-lee-thee-uh) and Jill (pronounced Jill) in 2009 and their retail location was opened shortly after in 2010. According to their website the name “Choo” comes from a nickname they call each other based on Jill’s distinct sneeze, which I have yet to witness.

Both Jill and Alethea are determined women who have great attitudes towards life. Their knowledge of flowers and the inner workings of the floral business is vast. I’m beginning to see that the floral community is small, yet there seems to be quite a bit of collaboration. There is such thing as healthy competition, but you can also learn a lot from your peers.

Wendy, whom I’ve mentioned before, is one of their dedicated design assistants. She is bright and bubbly, and fits like a glove within the Studio Choo team. She has been deemed “Wu Tang” or “Wu” by Jill and Alethea. The three of them are always joking around that when Wendy starts her own floral design business she’ll call it “Studio Wu” and work in the same wild style as the ladies of the Choo.  If this ends up happening people may think there’s a chain of Chinese florists popping up in San Francisco. Apparently phone calls asking for a traditional Chinese bouquets have been known to happen.

I can only hope that spending more time with Jill and Alethea will result in getting an awesome nickname for myself.


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