A DIY refrigerated vehicle and ungodly amounts of crumpled newspaper.

Being a part of the floral business means getting up early. I loathe this more than most things. However, it makes such a huge difference when you’re motivated to get ahead. Motivation is something I haven’t felt in a while and now that it’s a part of my day–to–day life, getting up early seems so insignificant.

Today I worked mainly with Jill who spearheads all things wedding for Studio Choo. When starting the day the first thing that has to be done is getting the flowers processed. This means giving them a fresh cut (at an angle) and placing them into buckets with water. I mention the water because it’s a trade secret of florists. Now you know. Cut flowers need water to survive. Consider yourselves part of the cool kids club.

Planning ahead for very hot weather, Jill had me add a splash of Hyraflor to the water. It’s a magic potion that makes flowers last forever. Or at least helps them get through 100 degree weather as best they can by hydrating them and working to prevent wilting.

Next, I got to work on putting together some bouquets for bridesmaids. Making handheld bouquets is difficult, especially when you have hands the size of a small child in which to hold the flowers you’re working with. But thank God for Jill’s patience and willingness to teach me the wise ways of the Choo. Below are  a few pictures showing the elements of the bouquet (coral charm peonies, pink veronicas, orange snapdragons, garden roses, jasmine, geranium, and a few bright dahlias) and the final products all packed up ready to transport to the wedding.

Elements of the Bridesmaids Bouquets

peonies, garden roses, jasmine, snaps, dahlias, veronicas

Bright Bridesmaids Bouquets

All packed and ready for their journey!

Getting the flowers ready for travel is a huge job on its own. There are many things to consider, like making sure the flower don’t get up and walk away (this is why we drug them and tie them together). But fo reals, they have to be tightly packed within the crates so the jars don’t jostle around and break. This must be done with care in order not to crush them. It’s a delicate art and this is where the ungodly amounts of crumpled newspaper comes into play. Not only is the newspaper within the boxes of arrangements, it’s also placed around the boxes themselves in the refrigerated car. And by refrigerated car, I mean a regular ol’ ride with the A/C cranked up and paper placed over the windows so the flowers keep their youthful glow. Life is all about improvising. I’ve added a few more pictures because I always skip wordy blogs and head straight for the colorful photos. Enjoy!


Lovely boutonnieres made by Alethea.

More Arrangements

The table arrangements ready to be put into the car.


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