Sneaky Deliveries

Today I met (and spent the majority of the day with) Wendy, one of Studio Choo’s trusty assistants. Wendy is in charge of buying the flowers and arranging for two of Choo’s main accounts. These would be the restaurants Delfina, and Locanda. They are owned by the same person, and are close in proximity so it’s not a huge hassle. Both restaurants are beautiful spaces and the flowers enhance the inviting atmosphere. At this moment I command you to look at their equally beautiful websites here and here. Since I did study Art & Design in college I still reserve the right to drool over a beautiful logo and web page.

One of the awesome things about being a florist and doing weekly accounts like this is that you get to see the inner workings of cool businesses and people’s homes. It’s the ultimate high for a curiosity junkie. Not that I am one, I’m just saying it would be. Back to the restaurants. Delfina has quite a few arrangements: a small one at the hostess podium, two little ones in the restrooms, one medium one in the women’s restroom, three medium ones above the kitchen, another medium one above the bar area, and a large one in the seating area. Locanda has only two large arrangements. One over the bar and another towards the back of the restaurant.

According to Wendy, the key is to buy flowers and other plant material (like branches) that are going to hold up near a hot kitchen. She checks the arrangements at least twice a week and often tries to just refresh them, rather than start over completely. Makes sense to moi. That’s exactly what she had me do with one of the arrangements at Locanda. I have only one very gloomy looking photo but if you look closely you can see some french tulips that have yet to open and make their debut. The arrangement also includes some purple artichokes and bright sunflowers.

Locanda Arrangement

Locanda Arrangement

I’ll just quickly touch on what I mean by sneaky deliveries. Among the handful of personal arrangements to be delivered was one that needed to go downtown, around 4th and Market streets. This is death if you’re driving. But with sneaky and quick thinking Wendy there’s always a way around traffic and parking issues. She cleverly took advantage of the Marriott Hotel’s drive through by telling the vallet she was bring a few arrangements into the hotel. She went in the revolving doors, and back out the main entrance to get to her destination. Meanwhile, I watched over the car incase I had to fight off any zombie hotel employees. I did, by the way. And I won.

This was the moment I knew for sure that Wendy and I would get along perfectly.

Twas a successful day.


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