When life hands you lemons… start a blog?

It also helps if you’re getting school credit.

A little introduction is in order I believe. As I sprint towards the real world there are a few college credits looming over my head, and the easiest way to keep them from haunting me is to take on an internship. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. One of the requirements is to keep a log of my activities and projects on said internship. And so, blogging it shall be. Who knows how far it will go?

I’ll be documenting my adventures and misadventures as I work my tail off breaking into the floral community of San Francisco. Hold up yo, I know what you’re thinking, “Damn, we’ve lost another one to some strange utopian cult breeding flower power  hippies.” Fear not my comrades! By “floral community” I mean the network of talented floral designers working throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area. This summer I’ll be spending my time with the lovely ladies of Studio Choo. (check out their beautiful site here)

Now back to the lemons. In the past four years I’ve had a few sour lemons thrown my way, and the process of getting those turned into lemonade has been a long one. Slowly the support of my family and friends has been the right amount of sugar necessary to complete the recipe. With the future looking bright, it seems as if my simple batch of lemonade may be turning into a delicious Arnold–Palmer. The right amount of iced–tea (and a splash of vodka) has brought things full circle.

But enough of the metaphor. I’m on to the next thing. Is anyone else in the mood for golf all of a sudden?


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